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Integrated Risk Solutions

Weltrac is a leading provider of integrated risk solutions to the public and private sectors. A diverse client base entrusts Weltrac with the safeguarding of its people, infrastructure, assets and reputation.

To ensure the protection of assets, individuals and organisations, an ever-increasing range of skills and resources are required. These vary according to the nature of the task, the environment and the parties involved. The provision of specialist security and safety services nowadays are required to be tailor made and to adapt to rise to the most diverse challenges and risks.

In supplying specialist security services, we draw upon a wealth of experience gained in the service of international and multi-national companies, high profile individuals, government departments and the local corporate market.

Our philosophy is that each client is entitled to receive a level of service, which exceeds their expectations, regardless of the complexity – or indeed the simplicity of the task at hand.

We believe that this can only be achievedthrough the optimum use and management of all available resources. It is exactly this management expertise, which set us apart. It underpins all the services we provide and more particularly specialist services as described on the Services page.


Company Background

Weltrac was established to render specialist security services in South Africa as well as in other African countries. We strive to provide the client with a professional execution of the relevant security aspects.

The company was initially known as Redlex469 Pty (Ltd), established on 19 July 2006 and affected a name change to Weltrac (Pty)Ltd. It originated from Quemic (Pty) Ltd, established on 18 February 1998. Weltrac was established as a specialised security company, with our Head Office based in Centurion, South Africa.

All members of Weltrac have vast experience in protection of assets, crime prevention and training. Senior members were recruited from within the ranks of highly trained and operationally experienced specialists, from the military, private specialist organisations and the police. Junior members were recruited from the private security industry in South Africa and trained to the standards of Weltrac. Together, we have proved to be leaders in specialist security services.

To build system level solutions for customers, Weltrac plays the role to acquire the cooperation and support of strategic technology partners and other alliances and associates.

Why Weltrac

Operational Personnel Deployment

Weltrac personnel are deployed in a manner to suit the clients operational needs, which is also in accordance to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Sectoral Determination 6.

Personnel are remunerated above the minimum wage scales as determined by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Competency Based Human Resources

Weltrac practices a competency based human resources management approach which supports the integration of human resource planning with business planning. This approach allows the company to assess the current human resource capacity based on their competencies against the capacity needed to achieve the company’s vision, mission and business goals.

A targeted human resource strategy, including policies, plans and programs, are thus designed and implemented to close the gaps.

Weltrac’s philosophy is to acquire, manage and retain precious talent, underwriting their human resources strategy.

The following activities form the foundation of the company’s competency based human resource management:

  • Description of Work and Processes
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Feedback and Management

Description of Work & Processes

Before commencement of a new project site specific job descriptions are developed in conjunction with Standing Working Procedures. Firstly, the compilation of job descriptions aids in the recruitment and selection process as it assists in forming an ideal “person profile” that is utilised for the identification of possible candidates.

Secondly, in preparation for their utilisation, all personnel are familiarised with their respective duties and responsibilities. Understanding their role and responsibilities will ensure a goal orientated team that will strive towards peak performance and ultimate contract success.

Performance Feedback & Management

Weltrac values the importance of performance feedback and management as an integral part of a competency based human resources management approach. This approach allows management and supervisors to evaluate employees’ performance to identify shortcomings, to deploy remedial training and to compensate current employees appropriately and where necessary. Weltrac’s Performance Evaluation System is not limited to an annual occurrence, but rather an ongoing process of performance evaluation and rectification. The work performance of individuals is constantly aligned with the goals and objectives of the project and their behaviour reinforced to achieve performance excellence.

Training & Development

In preparation for deployment in a new position and/or at a new site, personnel receive the following Induction and Orientation Training:

  • Background of the Project
  • Status of the Project
  • Specific Job Duties and Expectations
  • Introduction to the Staff and Consultants
  • Overview of the Facility and Infrastructure
  • Overview of the Project Processes (including time reporting, attendance and status meetings)
  • Review of Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy’s

Throughout the contract lifecycle employees will undergo retraining and specialised training.
Individual Training Needs Analyses are conducted for all employees annually each year. During this process, an individual’s current skills and competencies are compared to the  desired and proposed skills and competencies. If any training gaps are identified during this process, such training needs will be included in the company’s Workplace Skills Plan as planned training to be undertaken during the coming training cycle.