Scope of Services

Weltrac (Pty) Ltd Services

The Directors and Management of Weltrac have a well-proven track record in the security market sector and specifically towards the successful provision of specialist services, such as :



Intelligence analysis service, Investigations, Fraud assessments, personnel profile analysis and pre-employment screening.



Executive protection and corporate security risk services.



Security consulting, security assessments and analyses, quality control and assurance inspections as well as technical surveillance solutions.



Supplier of unique safety and security equipment.



Armed response and intervention operations, specialised guarding operations, as well as specialised security and firearm training.



Project management ranges from assisting with the restructuring of the business,
ensuring the implementation of  compliance and conducting training in specified fields, to name a few.


Basic Principles of Security

Any operational security plan should be compiled consistently with the basic principles of security.

  • Safety is defined as the freedom from harm or danger.
  • Security is defined as the freedom from intentional harm or danger.

Security is thus a condition that results from the establishment and maintenance of protective measures that ensure a state of inviolability from hostile acts or influences. It is achieved by the arrangement of a combination of different but complimentary layers or barriers (natural, human, animal, mechanical, energy, technological and psychological) to deter, delay, deny, detect, defend or defeat unauthorised or unjustified access and harm to persons, property and information. The intensity of such measures depends on the threat of perceived threat and within available resources and budgets.

Pro Active Access Control

Weltrac’s public space protection aims to ensure that we do not only respond to crime and alarms, but rather eradicate it. Our dedicated tactical teams patrol the area in and around an operational area  24/7 and pro-actively monitor the area for suspicious activities, vehicles or persons.

Not only does this prevent crime, but their familiarity with the area and people of your surrounding area means a shorter response time from any suspicious activation. This ensures that Weltrac tactical officers already know more about your area and community and can analyse trends, suspicious activity and people.

Online Intelligence

Weltrac uses an intelligence analysis program as its “Electronic Occurrence Book” (EOB), which acts as an integrated application that is utilised to capture and manage occurrence information. It is operated at team level, with centralised management at the Security Control Centre where multiple client sites or activities are monitored.

Online Electronic Occurrence Book integrates all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application and transposes it into management information in both text and graphical formats, which allows you to build managerial reports. Graphs generated can be saved and incorporated into reports generated by analysts in almost any word processor. These reports can in turn be used by management for crime analyses, pro-active planning and  decision-making purposes.

Weltrac will enable a dedicated EOB for this specific project, and design and populate the database to run concurrently with the security & risk appreciation, as outlined.

IT Management System Support

Information / Incident Management System Support

Weltrac uses an intelligent software system as our as our incident management system. This application is an integrated application system used to capture and manage occurrence information in any environment that enhances project management.

These range from guarding and other related activities to centralised control rooms where multiple client sites are monitored.

An information management support system (IMS) is an essential requirement for the successful conduct of operations. Risk INFORMATION / INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SUPPORT management software is utilised to capture and manage information related to security and risk management.

Incidents are recorded with the aim to centralise and standardise incident information and to subsequently identify trends and risks. Monetary values are stored as part of incidents and used to calculate the effectiveness of current security measures, processes and procedures.

In addition to the risk management software, Weltrac effectively implemented an integrated project management software.

Standard Operating Procedures

To make sure that occurrences are treated in accordance with their severity, individual occurrence types can be linked to unique and customisable escalation or operating procedures. Once a controller logs an occurrence of a specific occurrence type, a response must be submitted for each of these procedure steps.

1) What is the name of the supervisor on duty ?
2) Who are the officers on duty today ?
3) Supply details of the suspects:
4) did you report the case to the police ? Case Number?
5) Did you inform the site manager of the incident ?

This response automatically records the date and time, as well as the controller’s name –
Accountability can be established and management reports can be generated. Occurrence statuses can be monitored to identify occurrences that have not been completed in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

Online Occurrence Book can automatically inform you when occurrences of certain types occur.
Depending on the severity of the occurrence being loaded, electronic notifications via e-mail or SMS can be sent to a predefined list of users or even clients.


To assist you to manage and control all duties and compliance checks that must take place daily, Online Occurrence Book makes provision for the creation of Checklists using multiple checklist templates.

Checklists can be created and scheduled for completion. Users must complete the checklists that they are responsible for.

As soon as all the steps have been   completed, an occurrence will  automatically be generated and stored in the database.

Management Information

Online Electronic Occurrence Book integrates all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application and transposes it into management information in both text and graphical formats, which allows you to build managerial reports.

Graphs generated can be saved and incorporated into reports generated by analysts in almost any word processor.

Management can in turn use these reports for planning and decision-making purposes.

Geographical Information

Online Electronic Occurrence Book helps you transpose management information into geographical representations using Google Maps.

The Electronic Occurrence Book further encapsulates functions such as:

  • Control room management
  • Registers management
  • Asset management from a security perspective
  • Automated reports
  • Search and analysis tools
  • Process and workflow with notifications (SMS and email)
  • Management information
  • Integration to google earth (geographic management information)

Online Risk Manager

Online Risk Manager

Online Risk Manager is an integrated application, which is utilised to capture  and manage information related to security, risk, investigative and law enforcement environments. It is an effective Risk Management product.

The application is aimed at users that rely on analysis of data throughout all the disciplines covered by the system.

The database can be configured to include all the Occurrence Book information, enabling you to do analysis not only on occurrences, but also see it in context to information you have captured in the
profiling and investigative modules of the system.


Capture information on individuals, syndicates, organizations, vehicles and weapons to name a few.

The system enables you to then link these items together, print reports and to perform searches across the information.

Incident & Event Management

Incidents are captured on the system – this centralises incident information and allows you to identify trends from it. Incidents are linked to a geographical site at client level. Centralising information will enable you to identify risks and trends that exist in your data on all levels of your organisations. Because Online Risk Manager is an operational system, you can continuously add and update incident detail to accurately reflect your environment.

Investigation & Case Management

This module enables you to build a virtual docket and to manage investigations/cases in a structured
manner. You can further monitor investigator workload and output making it a valuable management tool.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Here you can identify trends or patterns in your data. You can view statistics in a variety of different formats. In addition, you can also use the report scheduler to setup scheduled reports in specific formats and you will receive reports
in your inbox.


You can search data and to make use of analysis tools including link analysis and charting. Soon you will also be able to do a time-line analysis.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Online Risk Manager makes use of Google Maps to overlay MIS analysis in a geographical format. This allows for an easy-to-use interactive mapping solution.

The system can in addition export geographical information into KML files, which can be opened with Google Earth to give you even more flexibility.

The ability to communicate between individuals, organizations and units, as well as the distribution of decisions and its outcomes, sets the success parameters for the operation.

The rapid provisions of timely and accurate information between cooperating role-players are critical for a successful outcome. The key outcome of effective IMS is situational awareness, information superiority, quality decision-making, and optimal performance.

Quality Control

The management team of Weltrac will ensure that the quality of service delivered by the officials is kept up to standard and in line with policy and procedures as set out in the service agreement.

Criminal and ID Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are performed by means of digital finger printing via the SAPS Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Fingerprint Verification checks are performed by means of digital finger printing via the Department of Home Affairs National Identification System (HANIS).

AFISWITCH is mandated to access the SAPS & AFIS databases for criminal background checks.

Weltrac is an independent company which specialises in PERSONNEL VERIFICATIONS.

Identity Number & Fingerprint Verification

The result also returns the Names and Surname of the person linked to the captured identity number, including an Alive or Deceased status


Field Ranger Training

The training of field rangers across the world has always been a skill set in demand which managed the day to day environmental asset protection in required locations. In recent years organized crime has been responsible for the revision of such skill sets to ensure that the competence, outcome and discipline of such trained individuals exceeded the efforts of criminal syndicates.

The revision and renewal of industry specific curricula has made it possible to achieve such outcomes within the training and operational environments. Our customized training courses has allowed us to render services, amongst others within the natural resource environment which has complemented the greater environmental asset protection end state.

With the evolution of training, hardware, software, technology and tactics it has also become necessary to offer integration training to ensure that operations grow into/along with such evolutions assuring the specific operation and its outcomes are achieved.

We find it crucial to include all technology, information, hardware and software in our training courses. It is vital to ensure that every learner has the opportunity to understand a specific subject, but more importantly know how to work/operate a specific function. It is more important that every learner can do the same in any operational environment, hence the use of training and simulations systems and the use thereof during training has become such a vital part of our training outcomes.

Working with different simulation equipment has also allowed us to provide a sound opinion on well produced and deployable systems to be considered by our clientele.

Our clients have an array of different needs ranging from small to large, private and governmental institutions as well as
organisations that require first class training and tailor-made training packages and services.

The success of our training courses are not achieved in the classroom, but rather in the operational environments where the skills are applied.

Firearm Training / Security Training

Weltrac is an accredited service provider at the South African Professional Firearm Trainers counsel & SAPS. Potential firearm owners must successfully undergo the prescribed training at an accredited training institution and obtain a training proficiency certificate. Security companies armed personnel must also undergo Business purpose training in the particular firearms they are working with and undergo regular refresher training under section 21 of the Act.


  • Legal test – Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000 applicable to possession of a firearm
  • Handle & use of firearms in various classes and applications
  • Regulation 21 Compliance Testing
  • Renewal of Business Purposes Competency Certificate
  • We also provide customised courses to suit your budget and requirements
  • We also assist in the evaluation of existing training courses and implement evolutionary changes as required
  • We strive to practice realistic skills and scenarios that can emulate real situations allowing the shooter develop and maintain real defensive shooting skills
  • We also provide specific tailormade courses for supervisors and seniors with the security industry which assist in the day to day operation and performance enhancements
  • Where firearms are required the Company is fully compliant in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000. We have accredited assessors and moderators
  • All armed officers are trained, have competency certificates and undergo regular training and assessments. Training incorporates tactical, theoretical and practical exercises
  • Self-defense and real-life scenario training to save lives
  • Conduct own in-house training
  • Pre-Course and fitness selection tests and
  • Access and use of a tactical shooting range and house clearance facilities
  • Advance driver training and instructors
  • Advanced ambush and counter techniques
  • Anti-poaching